About to buy Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide?! Don’t!!

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I’m a mom. My son and a daughter are so adorable… I can’t even imagine my life without them, as it has become more meaningful. But being a good mom and at the same time an attractive woman is not as easy as it may seem. I decided to write an article, sharing some useful information about the best weight loss program with you. I will tell you about my Bikini Body Guide review and what I found out about it. Keep reading and it will help you!

I didn’t have much trouble losing weigh after giving birth for the first time. It took several weeks for my body to get back into its usual shape without any efforts. But the situation had changed after having my second child. I’d become the one of the unfortunate ones, whose weight never came off after pregnancy. I think it was due to my age or some changes in the hormonal level. I had 45 lbs of extra weight put on during pregnancy. But, first of all, I had to take care of my kids, play with them and do manual chores around the house. I was so busy that I had no free time for myself.

This is why I went in search for the healthy and sustainable ways to lose weight. I needed to find a good weight loss plan and was ready to follow it. I was looking for the best weight loss programs.

I was really excited about all the before and after pictures of amazing women who had taken steps towards living a fitter lifestyle with the help of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. I wanted to feel confident in a bikini again.

I was about to buy Kayla Itsines Guides, which would help me to get that bikini body. I was shocked when I found out about the price for it. It turned out to be so expensive!

What is the Real Cost of Kayla Itsines Guide:

  • The initial 12 week Bikini Body Workouts Guide costs $69.97
  • Bikini Body Workouts Guide for the weeks 13-34 = $69.97
  • You’ll have to pay $69.97 for the H.E.L.P Nutrition Guide and $19.97 for the H.E.L.P Nutrition Recipe Guide. Shouldn’t they be included free?
  • Additionally, there are some hidden costs: you’ll need to buy some gym equipment for doing the workouts = MORE $$$

Kayla highly recommends buying a heart rate monitor/fitness tracker with a price tag of $99.97

I could not afford it and I was TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED!!! I don’t know about you ladies, but I think it is not worth that sort of money!

Besides, do you have enough room for the equipment such as two benches/steps, a mat, two small dumbbell weights (3-5 kg each), a medicine ball (between 6-12 kg), a skipping rope etc.? Isn’t it easier going to the gym?

There were enough reasons for me not to buy Kayla Itsines Guides.

I never gave up, and I was back on the Internet searching desperately for something really good for me. I was ready to follow even the hardest ways to lose weight. Luckily, I came across the Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts, which was actually the cheaper alternative to the Kayla Bikini Body Workouts Guide. The explanation of the program actually made sense. That was my guarantee of success.

Let’s Compare the Kayla Itsines Workouts and Guides with the Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts

Kayla Itsines vs Jen Ferruggia Review

Type Jen Ferrugia Kayla Itsines
Beginner Level Level 1 Workout @ $29.99 BBG 1.0 @ $69.97
Advanced Level Level 2 Workout @ $19.99 BBG 2.0 @ $69.97
Nutritional Guide FREE Diet Plan Additional cost of $69.97
Total Cost $49.98 $209.91+

The difference in price is huge and obvious, while these two programs are quite similar in their content. I felt rather inspired by the cost and it was the main reason for me to make the right choice. Why wouldn’t you pick the same value for the more affordable cost? You can learn about the Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workouts here.

Bikini Body Guide Review

This program lets you…

– Break hearts & break rules
– Set the standard for fit, healthy, & happy
– Redefine feminine
– Become strong & sexy
– Unleash the lethal lady inside of you

What Do You Get with the Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Program?

EVERYTHING you need to have the body of your dream as simply and quickly as possible.

  • BIKINI BODY Online Instructional Exercise Videos (so easy to follow along to)
  • BIKINI BODY Interactive Workout Guide
  • BIKINI BODY Nutrition Guide (It will help you to enjoy healthy and delicious foods and burn fat all-day long)
  • BIKINI BODY supplement list
  • BIKINI BODY shopping list for you to choose only wholesome, nutritious food.
  • BIKINI BODY 21-Day Booty Blast (which is really effective and helped me shape my butt)

I love these workout videos very much. Each video provides with an instruction of an expert for maximum results. I discovered so many things, watching them… I was no longer frustrated and realized that I was on my way to getting a bikini body in 60 days. Doesn’t that sound great?

I felt so happy, losing fat and transforming my body. My family noticed that something had changed inside of me since the first day of training. I felt confident and full of energy. Day by day, my body was becoming more attractive and beautiful.

Bikini Body Workouts Before And After

My husband and friends have noticed amazing results. I’m only half way through the program and I’ve already lost 25lbs. The main thing for me is that I don’t feel starving or hungry during a day. It is different from the diet, which Kayla Itsines promotes. According to numerous reviews on the Internet, plenty of people have tried it themselves and have the same opinion. There is no doubt that this workout guide is the right approach to a healthy lifestyle and it really works.

My life has changed and I’m sure it will help people reaching their goals and living happily… This is really what the Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workouts do!

I wish you all good luck with your own weight loss journey!


  1. Emily Emily says:

    Thanks for your review, Rebecca. It is really useful. Your results are very inspiring. Good for you! I hope Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts will work for me as well…

    1. Rebecca Rebecca says:

      Hi Emily. I’m sure it will! Make no doubts about it. That is the proper training program for the substantial fat loss in a short period of time. The sooner you start working out the better!

  2. Sandra Sandra says:

    Hi Rebecca. I came across your review. That sounds good!!! I really want to see myself looking like that one day. But I’m not sure I’ll stick to it as it is hard and sometimes boring for me to do the exercises every day. This has me concerned…

    1. Rebecca Rebecca says:

      Hello Sandra. I know what you mean. There were some difficulties for me during the first week but then I just got addicted to working out. Besides, the workouts are very fun, easy, intense and effective. So, you’ll see the first results in a short period of time. It takes only 45 minutes for every session to be completed; you should train 4 times a week, so you’ll have days off to relax…
      Hope this helps!! 🙂

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    Rebecca, thank you for finding time to share this information with us. All this kind of searching is so tiresome for me. I’m happy, that I’ve finally found what I was looking for. Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts seems to be the best fitness program that works flawlessly without any form of disappointment.

    1. Rebecca Rebecca says:

      Hi Melissa. You draw the right conclusion out of it. Jen’s workouts will definitely change your life for better. I’m sure of that already. I’ve become the other person. I experience the benefits of my new life every day. I wish you all girls feel that one day.

  4. Cindy says:

    Hi there… How can the price tag for Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide be so expensive? It’s rather outrageous! I also read that most of the people who follow the BBG don’t finish it. That sounds like money to burn… I feel sorry for those women who couldn’t lose their extra weight.

    1. Rebecca Rebecca says:

      Hello Cindy. I was also concerned about this, that’s why I made decision to write the BBG review and tell everything I’ve learned and experienced, providing people with information they can trust. As there are so many marketing ploys that people believe and then get disappointed.

  5. Lynette says:

    I would like to try these workouts as soon as possible. It’s hard to realize how many opportunities are being lost due to some uncertainty and hesitation that generates the inferiority complex, preventing people from being vibrant enough… I just don’t want to waste my time any more.

    1. Rebecca Rebecca says:

      Hi Lynette. It’s not only about the way I look, but the way my inner world has changed. I believe sky is the limit really. Good luck with your working out!

  6. Casey says:

    Hello Rebecca! I’ve seen all of those amazing before and after pictures of women, Jen Ferruggia had helped. I would like to be one of them. I’m starting tomorrow! Cannot wait for the great results…

    1. Rebecca Rebecca says:

      You’ve set the goal and it’s the keystone to success. Cannot wait to see your progress!!!

  7. Katherine Katherine says:

    I’m so grateful to you Rebecca for your experience that you share with us. I was about to buy Kayla Itsines Body Guide, when I read your review. I understand how better Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts are. The main thing for me is that her program is much cheaper. Thanks for saving my money.

    1. Rebecca Rebecca says:

      Hi Katherine. Pleased to hear that I helped you to make the right choice. Why pay more if there is an alternative for a more reasonable price. We know about it already and I think we should inform other women as well. Helping people to become happy, we’ll make the world a better place!

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